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Will Lowry first came to Idyllwild in a professional capacity in 1974.  While attending USC Film School, Will moonlighted briefly as a location scout  for Universal Studios.  The Idyllwild area became a favorite place to photograph because of its microcosm of location diversity.  From palms to pines, rugged peaks to rolling pastures, cactus and chaparral, wild spring flowers, autumn color, winter snow, mountain lakes, forest streams, birds and squirrels, wild mule deer herds and domestic longhorn cattle, this area seemed to be a magical visual place.


After receiving multiple degrees from USC, including a Master of Fine Arts in Professional Writing, Lowry continued to work in film and television and occasionally write a book for hire.  He became well-known in the industry for his research and writing of the much publicized book on Howard Hughes, The Beauty & the Billionaire with actress Terry Moore. The book was featured on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Phil Donahue Show as well as Playboy Magazine and The National Enquirer. From this success, Will began his own company, HOLLYWOOD GHOST, penning everything from bios to feature films for celebrities who lacked the time to develop their own concepts to completion.  Will quickly earned a reputation for being discreet and became a trusted  professional writer in Hollywood's inner circles.


Working in many different capacities on film and television productions led Lowry to the great opportunity in working alongside legendary film director, Sam Peckinpah.  It was Sam who encouraged Will to follow his dream to be a writer/producer and Will began writing and marketing work under his own name after his association with Peckinpah.  After several years of writing and co-writing for film and television, destiny led Will back to Idyllwild.  While working as Head of Story Development for Bonja Productions in Studio City in 1986, Will was sent to Idyllwild while writing a feature film project for actor/personality Dan Haggerty of Grizzly Adams fame.  Finding Idyllwild a very conducive environment for writing, Will stayed on after the project, writing on the mountain and taking meetings in the city.  Then the internet came of age and Will was able to write on an International level without leaving the sanctity of his home and the peace of the forest.  Four television series in a row were written from this mountain, often with a feature script or book going simultaneously.  Will and a writing partner also wrote and produced a television pilot from their mountain strongholds.


Spoiled by the convenience of the internet and disliking the increasing traffic of Los Angeles commuting, Will chose local real estate to supplement his income.  It was a natural decision after scouting the area for locations over the years as well as growing to know, love and become a part of the community.  For Will Lowry, selling something one truly believes in is fun, not work.  He enjoys the people he meets and helping them find their special place on the mountain.  This supplemental career choice became a fulltime passion in 2001 and in 2002 he began his own real estate firm, Idyllwild Mountain Realty, to better serve his current and future clients.  Will Lowry still writes when he has time and is a current member of the Writers Guild of America and the Writers Guild of Canada.


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