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About Our Property Management Service

In such a small community, as ours here in the San Jacinto Mountains, it is common for full-time residents to wear many hats and offer additional services to clients, customers, visitors and friends.

Approximately 75% of the homes on the mountain are vacation properties or seasonal, second homes. When owners cannot check on their idle property on a daily or weekly basis, things go unnoticed and things can go wrong. Idyllwild Mountain Realty provides a service at a modest fee to check on your property regularly when you are gone. Anything wrong or out of the ordinary is immediately reported to the property owners so immediate action can be taken to remedy whatever situation needs attention.

There are several reputable property management companies on the Hill who rent out properties and maintain them for property owners. Idyllwild Mountain Realty does not provide this service. Our regular walk-through service is offered to provide you with a regular communication that gives an absentee owner peace-of-mind. And, should you have questions concerning winterizing, chimneys, fire abatement, fix-its, etc., Idyllwild Mountain Realty will act as your liaison in hiring the right person for the job. We also monitor the process and report those results.

Please call me for your minimal or extreme needs and we'll work them out together.

Thank You , Will Lowry

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